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    Is your child a leader? The attitude and skills associated with leadership are important for every child to learn. Communication skills, decision-making abilities, perseverance, a positive attitude, and a commitment to the team are all results of children learning leadership. At PRO Martial Arts, we know that children who learn the skills to lead are one step closer to building character for a lifetime. Through our Character Education and Advanced Leadership Programs, we teach confidence and leadership skills, as well as martial arts. At PRO Martial Arts, we help your child develop and refine the skills that make a good leader. Leadership grows over time, so children involved with our ....

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    Martial arts are the various training and self-defense programs that prepare individuals for combat. There are several different styles in which students can train, all of which either focus on defeating an opponent or defending against an attack. The techniques taught in martial arts classes can be drawn from many different systems, including karate, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and more. The curriculum is often exciting, diverse, physically challenging, useful, and can also provide a number of positive benefits for children and adults alike. But, given the nature of martial arts, parents still often wonder whether or not these classes are appropriate for children. Do martial arts ....

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    In today’s society, girls and boys are doing many of the same activities and martial arts should be no different. Sure, traditionally, it was for men when women played a different role. But, times are different now and if there is any concern about why girls shouldn’t be in martial arts, then, let’s alleviate those right now: First and foremost, girls can do anything boys can do. Enrolling her in martial arts will set an example that there are no girl or boy sports. Every martial arts student is treated with the same respect and held to the same standards as each other. Movement in the system and achievements are based on skill set, not gender. Girls should be armed ....

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    October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. A time for both adults and children alike to be reminded of the preventative measures, signs and potential results of bullying, or being bullied. Education on the topic is the key to curing the bullying epidemic alive and thriving here and around the world. In order to eradicate the behavior we must learn its true definition; it’s overall cause and effect; and how to stop it in its tracks. What is bullying?
    Many of us have a preconceived notion about what a bully may look like, but reality suggests that a Bully come forms in various shapes and sizes. The definition of bullying is described as repeated, unwanted and aggressive ....

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    You know your child better than you may even know yourself. Their likes, their dislikes, favorite programs, best friends. From the day they’re born you have a front row seat to their lives. You are wonderfully fortunate to be a proud parent. Then one day, it seems like you do not know them. Are they just growing up and becoming more independent, or is it something else? With every news story of the tragic results of bullying, your heart likely stops and you think first of your child, and then of the hell the parents are enduring. Every bullying episode does not end in tragedy, but such incidents leave emotional scars on a child, ones that undermine his or her confidence and natural ....

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