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At PRO Krav Maga, we are proud to offer the highest-quality self-defense training available in Lake Orion. Krav Maga is widely recognized as one of the world's most efficient and effective martial arts, focusing on quick, instinctive movements that anyone can learn, no matter their age, background, or fitness level. We're here to help you stay safe in real situations, not just in the gym.

Keep yourself, your family, and your friends out of harm's way. Be aware of your surroundings. Live your life with confidence. Krav Maga will help you do all of this and more. The first step in your journey towards learning real self-defense skills is here.

Why Choose Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is designed to keep self-defense simple, easy, and -- most importantly -- effective for real-world use. True Krav Maga training is about keeping yourself and your community safe. What you learn in our classes isn't about showing off or competing on the mats. It's about learning genuine self-defense skills that will keep you safe here in Lake Orion or wherever life takes you.

Our professional instructors at PRO Krav Maga will help you learn how to fight back when there are no rules and a split-second decision can mean the difference between life and death. We'll guide you through each technique so that you can take down assailants and escape from dangerous situations unharmed. 

Krav Maga classes will help you:
  • Take on authentic and proven self-defense skills
  • Become aware of dangerous situations before they escalate
  • Disarm, neutralize, and escape from attackers
  • Give you the confidence you need to live fearlessly

Our team at PRO Krav Maga is 100% committed to your success. We want to help men and women from across Lake Orion protect themselves and their families in an increasingly dangerous world. Krav Maga classes will help you learn reality-based self-defense while also enhancing your overall fitness and burning calories, plus you'll get access to supportive community atmosphere where you can train with confidence.

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When it comes to learning real self-defense skills that will help you stay safe in Lake Orion and beyond, PRO Krav Maga is your best resource. We'll give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation. Krav Maga is a proven system that will produce real results for your confidence, your fitness, your awareness, and your ability to fend off attackers.

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