Karate: Builds confidence. Develops self-discipline. Hones athletic skills. You'll even live a healthier life and have more fun!

Karate is more than just a belt.

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With a variety of classes for beginners to experts in karate, kickboxing, self-defense and much more, our core focus is on building confidence and teaching students how to stay safe. The PRO Martial Arts System is the result of decades of training and teaching experience. It encompasses an exciting and diverse curriculum of martial arts techniques drawn from the Korean arts of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. What makes our school exceptional are our innovative and proprietary programs for children and adults like the ARMOR® Bullying and Predator Prevention Program. At PRO Martial Arts, we are dedicated to Building Character For A Lifetime.®

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He loves coming to karate and his main motivation is the good manners and discipline taught by all the instructors.  We also see his good behavior at home.  Thank you!

Brian A., Oakland Tnsp, MI

She has made good progress and taken ownership of her training.  She is working on knowing her attitude and effort are two things under her control. We are very proud of her and look forward to her continued progress.

Andy D., Lake Orion, MI

We would like to thank you for all the dedication on teaching him. We can see his excitement going to karate and his great development on his skills.

Andre C., Lake Orion, MI

He is enjoying the program but is not a fan of sparring. He does understand that it is part of progressing and is willing to keep trying.

Carrie R., Lake Orion, MI

Very happy with his progress. As the curriculum becomes more difficult he realized he needed to put some time in outside of class and it has been so good for him.

Lisa S., Lake Orion, MI

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