Girls in karate

In today’s society, girls and boys are doing many of the same activities and martial arts should be no different. Sure, traditionally, it was for men when women played a different role. But, times are different now and if there is any concern about why girls shouldn’t be in martial arts, then, let’s alleviate those right now:

First and foremost, girls can do anything boys can do. Enrolling her in martial arts will set an example that there are no girl or boy sports. Every martial arts student is treated with the same
respect and held to the same standards as each other. Movement in the system and achievements are based on skill set, not gender.

Girls should be armed with self-defense skills in this increasingly dangerous world. Girls and women are often the target of crimes and she should know how to defend herself and to recognize a threatening situation.

She will develop self-discipline and confidence, two character traits that will help her be less vulnerable to bullying, peer pressure, low self-esteem and behavior deviation.

Girls in martial arts tend to be more motivated, goal-oriented, and have higher academic scores. They are more focused on achievements and setting goals through their accomplishments in martial arts training, which leads to the same thinking in their academic successes.

Among these many great reasons to get her involved in martial arts, is the physical activity and healthy lifestyle she is bound to lead. Through her martial arts training, she is focused on strength and stamina which ideally provides a healthy self-image leading to more confidence in every day life.

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